Free Masks and Sanitizers for PIKO Members / Filipino Students

07 JAN, 2020

Hello mga ka-PIKO! Earlier this year, our organization applied for support from NIIED for the events we have lined up for 2020 and fortunately, we won the grant. But due to COVID-19, holding physical and face-to-face events became close to impossible. In line with this, we decided to use the financial support budget from NIIED to buy masks and sanitizers to give for free to our constituents to help in this time of need.

Please register by answering this form to receive the free masks and sanitizers ( Each student will be given two (2) K94 Masks and two (2) mini packs of sanitizers!

!! Registered PIKO members (regardless of membership fee payment status) and PIKO Fall GA Attendees will be prioritized.