[Essay*Photo*Video Contest] Show your unique Seoul story.

20 JAN, 2020

▷ Eligibility: Any foreign resident living in Korea!

             (As an individual or team; up to 3 members in a team / Adults only)

▷ Application Period: Mon, Oct. 19 – Tue, Nov. 17, 2020

▷ Categories: Essay / Photo / Video

▷ Description

Essay, Photo, and Video about various experiences and memories foreign residents have had in Seoul,

featuring Seoul’s indelible views

✓ Essay

- Story about what it was like to come to Seoul for the first time

- Funny episodes during foreign residents’ journey of adapting to life in Korea or due to cultural differences

- Story about foreign residents and Koreans sharing their lives.

- Story about beautiful seasons in Seoul that you’ve experienced

✓ Photo/Video

- Photo/Video capturing memorable moments of foreign residents while living in Korea

- Photo/Video capturing aspects of Korea that you love

- Photo/Video capturing aspects of Korea where diversity coexists

- Photo/Video about beautiful seasons in Seoul that you’ve experienced

▷ Things to note

※ Allowed to apply for different categories at the same time (but up to 1 submission per category).

※ Write all texts in essay, photo, or video in Korean.

※ All submissions have not been published before in Korea or abroad, and there must be no plagiarism.

※ Images, fonts, videos, or music used in submissions must not infringe on any copyright,

and any civil or criminal liability shall be borne by the applicant if any claim or dispute arises.

※ Any submission awarded from another contest, similar to others, or plagiarizing others’ works or names

will be removed from review, and the award certificate and prize money will be revoked

if the above is discovered after the award ceremony.

※ No submitted work will be returned and all the rights to the awarded works will belong to the organizer.

※ Awards may not be given if there is no suitable work upon review.

▷ How to Apply: Apply via website

▷ Specifications

✓ Essay

- Language: Korean only

- Length: 12-point font and A4-size paper 1~2 pages

  • Use MS Word or Hancom office(한글) program only

✓ Photo

- Must be in proper format like JPG, JPEG and a maximum file size of 2MB.

  • Awardees are required to submit original file

✓ Video

- Length: 30 seconds ~ 3 minutes

- Size/resolution: 200MB or less/ 1280*720 or higher

- Format: MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc.

  • No restrictions on shooting techniques and genre

▷ Award: KRW 5.3 million / 27 awardees (9 per category)