29 JAN, 2020

The Philippine Embassy in Seoul wishes to inform all Filipinos currently studying in South Korea that the Woojung Education and Culture Foundation is offering financial assistance to deserving Filipino students for the Second Semester for the 2020 Academic Year. The Woojung Education and Culture Foundation was established by Booyoung Group, one of the key construction companies in South Korea, with the aim of lending financial support to deserving foreign students currently studying in Korea.

Please note the following requirements of the Foundation:

1. A foreign student studying in Korea seeking financial support for tuition fee and living cost. (One must enroll formally at a university as an undergraduate or graduate student. Students enrolled in language classes only do not qualify)

2. Confirm that you do not exceed the term of the scholarship (the reference start date is the date you begin school)
A. Undergraduate students in 4-year university: First 8 semesters (First 4 years)
B. Master’s degree students: First 4 semesters (First 2 years)
C. PhD degree students: First 6 semesters (First 3 years)
D. Joint Master’s and PhD degree students: First 8 semesters (First 4 years)

Note: Woojung is unable to offer scholarships beyond the noted terms.

3. A student who has acquired over 80 points score (equivalent to a grade of B) of academic records. But if the student has financial difficulties, this shall also be considered.

Note: A student must have at least one semester of grades as a full-time student from a four-year Korean university to apply for the scholarship (in order to determine academic potential).

4. A student with good manners.

5. A student with no government scholarship. Students receiving no scholarships from any source will receive preferential consideration when selecting Woojung scholarship recipients.

Qualified students must submit, personally or via postal mail, to the Embassy the following documentary requirements on or before Thursday, 06 August 2020: Application Form, Certificate of Admission, Certificate of Enrollment, Official Academic Record, Recommendation Letter from Dean or Professor, Self-Introduction, Study Plan, copy of Bank Account, and a Cover Letter addressed to Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Christian L. De Jesus.

For further inquiries, you may get in touch with the Embassy’s Cultural Officer, Ms. Maricor Jesalva, at telephone number 796-7387 local 311 and email address