Guide for International Students Subscribing to National Health Insurance

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  • Date :02 Mar, 2021
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In line with the Korean government’s policy which now requires foreign students to subscribe to the National Health Insurance System, below is a guide to inform us what we need to know about the NHIS.

Also, here are some of the salient points from this guide:

  1. Starting March 1, 2021, all foreign students already in Korea will be automatically signed up for the NHIS.
  2. The insurance premium will be: KRW 43,490 (gradually increasing year on year)
  3. In case of first entry, the date of application will be on the date of alien registration.
  4. In case of re-entry, the date of application will be on the date of re-entry.
  5. D4 visa holders will be applied six months after the entry date.

For more information, please refer to the materials posted below.

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